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Dear Texas Drivers (all vehicles)

You all are as dumb as rocks. I know most of you can read english, and even if you can't there are pictorial representations of the actions you should take. If it says lane ends, merge right/left, do it right the fuck away. Don't go into that lane to try to jump the line. Don't wait until the last second. Honestly. It's not that hard. Get off your cell phone, Woman in the Black Yukon before you sideswipe me. For the love of god, Blue Honda Girl, DON'T TRY TO PUT ON YOUR MASCARA IN A MOVING CAR. Powder is ok though. It will make both our morning commutes much safer, Man in the White Van, if you pay attention to what lane you're in so you don't try to get out of the turn only lane and into my turn &straight lane IN FRONT OF ME AS I'M TURNING and then have the gall to honk at me. Lady in the White Pilot, that was a very ballsy move. I certainly wouldn't have let you in. I'd leave that to the less bitter person behind me. Karma's a bitch, so I do try to let you people get in the lane, but don't take advantage, Dude in the BMW. You almost lost your side mirror. And Hot Guy in the Maserati? Don't pull out fast without checking first. Respect that car. Love that car. Because if I had hit you, I'd be crying not just over my car but also yours. Yes, I know I'm guilty of some of these as well, but, dumb as rocks, all of you.

No Love,




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