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I feel quite bereft without any new (for me) episodes of Skins to watch. Series three finished up last Thursday, and then I finally watched the rest of series two, because I'd spoiled myself for That Thing and I wasn't in the right frame of mind to watch it earlier.

What is it with tv shows being renewed for two seasons at a time? Is this a new thing? Not that I'm not pleased, but it's weird. And different.

My darling computer is making those cranky grinding noises again, but the newest, and most upsetting, thing that's going on is that when I was trying to watch Chuck last night, it started skipping. You know when a cd gets caught in that annoying loop when it's damaged, it was exactly like that. I think it might be the file though, hopefully, because I watched HIMYM next, and that went perfectly. It was pretty hilarious too. The grinding isn't new, it started last year, but this new stuff is recent. The only thing I can think of is my using Firefox now, instead of Netscape, which had been my browser for YEARS. IT took forever for the computer to go to sleep last night, and forever to restart it after that skipping incident. Firefox is a shiny and nifty, with all those good add-ons, and in Gmail I can see the ninjas I have it set to, but I think I need to uninstall Firefox and go back to Netscape, which is more at the pace, or level, of this old computer (we're going on 7 years together). This might not even be the problem, it might just be old age, but that's what I'll do.

Haven't watched Supernatural in forever. Or Burn Notice. Or Life. Shiny new TV shows for me: 30 Rock, Better Off Ted, Castle, Kings, the aforementioned Skins and the Mentalist. And The Unit (Betty Blue!)

Rachael Ray times now.
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