May. 30th, 2009

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A funny/weird thing happened a few days ago. I was petting one of the kitties I now live with, and we were having a great time, I was feeling special because he's been skittish lately but he was letting me pet him, and we were getting some purring going on, when he bit me. It was really weird, because it didn't seem malicious at all, just sort of...investigatory, because it was really quick, and not hard. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, and we went back to petting for a bit, and then I left, but it was still an odd thing. Later, when I was explaining it to people, I thought of a really good analogy! It sort of seemed like something traders in the olden days would do to find out if the coins were gold or not by biting them to see of they were soft. But then people started teasing me, saying that the cat bit me to find out if I was a real human or not.

Oh well. It'll be a mystery.


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